PDF Writer for Windows 11


A free PDF reader that allows you to open and view PDF files side by side in a native way as an alternative to Microsoft Edge and Adobe Reader.

Windows 11 is great, but the default PDF reader for PDF documents is Microsoft Edge web browser. If you want to quickly open and view a PDF document or read two PDFs side by side, Microsoft Edge is clumzy. You can switch between two PDFs open in the Microsoft Edge web browser, but not in the same way as switching between open documents in other apps. Rather than being able to Alt-Tab or Windows-Tab through things, you have to use a menu. Inconsistency once again.

The solution is to install a Native PDF Reader that allows for multiple documents to be displayed side by side, but why should you? Sod it, you might as well install Native PDF Reader and use it alongside Microsoft Edge – at least then you can be consistent with your use of inconsistent interfaces. It takes you back to your previous complaint of Windows 11 being like a rollercoaster ride. Opening a PDF document with Native PDF Reader takes only less than 1 second on more recent computers with solid state drive.

More advanced features include the conversion of PDF to TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS, and TIFF, snipping your desired text or graphics out of PDF file.

Native PDF Reader


View PDF Side by Side
Open and view PDF files in multiple windows, and read them side by side in Microsoft Windows 11.

Snipping Text and Graphics
Cut and paste your desired text and graphics out of PDF document.

Save PDF as Other File Format

Convert PDF to text and graphics in BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS, and TIFF format.

PDF Slide Show

Present your PDF file as a PowerPoint slides in a full-screen show..

Mouse Wheel Scrolling
Drag the view area by scrolling your mouse wheel.

High-quality rendering

View graphics and text in high resolution.

Work with 86 different languages
PDF files with Asian, Hebrew, Arabic and other language fonts can be opened and viewed without difficulty.

System Requirement

The minimum requirements are given for your reference.

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit or 32-bit, Microsoft Windows Server 2022 64-bit or 32-bit
Computer memory: 4GB RAM
Hard disk: 256 MB free disk space
Display resolution: 1024x768

This product can be used only on Windows 11, Windows Server 2022 and later operating systems. None of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP is supported.

Freeware free for non-commercial use only.

PDF Writer for Windows 11

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